Who Are We?

Welcome to the official website of SIAT’s Graduate Student Association. As a branch of SFUs Graduate Student Society, we are specific to the Surrey campus and represent the interests of the graduate students here. We’re responsible for organizing social events, understanding grad student issues and helping to improve student life in this little corner of SFU. On this site we will provide news updates, meeting minutes and important resources. Below you can find the list of dedicated volunteers serving you in the SIAT Graduate Student Association.


SIAT GSA Executive Committee Members

President: Alex Kitson (akitson@sfu.ca)
Vice President: Reese Muntean (rmuntean@sfu.ca)
Financial & Funding Officer: Mayra Barrera Machuca (mayra_barrera_machuca@sfu.ca)
Social Organizer: Frederick Machuca (fmachuca@sfu.ca)
Secretary: Elgin-Skye McLaren (emclaren@sfu.ca)
Communications Officer: Jillian Warren (jillian_warren@sfu.ca)

SIAT GSS Councillors

GSS Councillor: Reese Muntean
Alternate: Alex Kitson
Alternate: Ozge Nilay Yalcin (oyalcin@sfu.ca)

SIAT TSSU Stewards

Steward 1: Amal Vincent
Steward 2: Gary Li

SIAT GPC Representatives

PhD Rep: Alex Kitson
Master’s Rep: Aldo Barerra

SIAt Infrastructure Committee

Rep: Maryam Kashani (mhaghigh@sfu.ca)